Time4Care™ Mobile App

What is the Time4Care Mobile App?

Time4Care™ is a FREE software application built and designed by Public Partnerships, that works on mobile devices such as smartphones & tablets. Home Care Workers can use Time4Care to record their time as they deliver care to Participants. E-timesheets via Time4Care are a fast and easy way to submit time worked! Employers can also use Time4Care to review and approve Home Care Worker’s time.

No more faxing paper timesheets! Faxing in timesheets is one of the biggest sources of payment errors and delays, which could mean potential disruption in care/support for Participants.

Finish your timesheet from your smart phone! No need for a computer to access BetterOnline™!

Is Time4Care Mobile App available in my program?

Please click here for a full list of programs where Time4Care Mobile App is available.

How to download the Time4Care Mobile App?

The Time4Care is available in the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and the Windows App Store. Please click here for instructions on downloading Time4Care.

How to use the Time4Care Mobile App

Please click here for instructions on how to use Time4Care.




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