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Colorado Programs

Why choose Public Partnerships as your Financial Management Service (FMS)?

Self-directing the care you need or that of a loved one IS a BIG decision!

Public Partnerships has been at your side since 2009, and we are honored to have been reselected to continue supporting over 70% of eligible Coloradans in their choice to self-direct through the CDASS program.

ALL to help you and make your choice in Colorado,  EASY !

Great News
If you are an existing member NO CHANGE in your service – business as usual!

Where to Find Program Forms

Please click the ‘Program Documents’ tab on the Overview page:

News & Announcements

Colorado CDASS April Newsletter

The April Colorado CDASS program newsletter is here and it's packed with information. Learn more about new program features and upcoming events at tips and tricks that can make your experience with the program better. Download your copy now.

Colorado Newsletter


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Colorado Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services (CDASS)