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Coping With COVID-19

Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has not been fun for anyone. It’s changed the American mindset and culture. It has forced us to become isolationist, and more reliant on technology than ever. There are fields and industries that still have to operate that can’t rely on technology to get the job done. [More]

Penetration Rates in Participant Direction

We have long observed that there are different penetration, or utilization rates in participant direction across the country. We know there are many reasons for this: state program priorities, budgets and waivers for new services, impact of advocates, legislative politics, state leadership, But we also know that there are differences among populations who are served. In a recent international conference presentation Val Bradley, President of the Human Services Research Institute in Cambridge, MA, presented national data on penetration rates for participants with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Val stated that these rates have plateaued at 8% to 10% nationally. Looking at the data that PCG-Public Partnerships has collected from various states shows that the population with DD and IDD is usually in the single digits. In contrast, the penetration rates of those with disabilities and problems of aging are much higher -up to 40% to 45%. [More]

Thoughts on Self-Direction

What does it mean to self-direct your services and supports? Two words come to mind: “Choice” and “Control”. You have choice over the services you purchase, who provides them, and how much you pay for them. You have control over when and how those services are delivered. You are in the driver’s seat. You call the shots within the program rules set by state and federal agencies. Our job is to support you. Much of what we do, such as paying taxes on your behalf, goes on behind the scenes. If we do our job well you might not even notice us. That’s how it should be. We want you to be able to stay focused on living your life. [More]