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Our History

Public Partnerships first developed to help the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJ) national pilot demonstrations in Participant-direction in 1999. Since then, Public Partnerships staff have continued to participate in advisory committees on the RWJ Cash and Counseling Program. Over the past ten years we have expanded our services and grown to support nearly 103,000 participants and their more than 118,000 home care workers.

Image of PCG President Bill Mosakowski and Public Partnerships President Marc Fenton opening their new office in 2006
A little piece of history. Bill Mosakowski, President of Public Consulting Group, and Marc Fenton, Founder of Public Partnerships welcome employees to their new office in 2006.

We manage nearly $2 billion annually in goods and service through working with 15 managed care organizations (MCOs) and managing nearly 60 self-directed programs in 23 states. Many of the programs we serve are funded with state, local, and/or Medicaid funds through state plans or waivers. Other programs receive funds through federal grants or a combination of sources.


Public Partnerships is a subsidiary of Public Consulting Group, Inc. (PCG). PCG is a management consulting firm, headquartered in Boston, MA, that serves primarily public sector education, health, and human services agencies, and other state, county, and municipal government clients. The firm has over 28 years of experience consulting in all 50 states, Canada, and Europe.