The Time4Care™ mobile application is Public Partnerships’ Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution and a system to submit e-timesheets from your smart phone in participating programs.

Please click here to see if Time4Care is available in your program. Time4Care integrates with our Financial Management Service (FMS) payroll system, so instead of submitting paper timesheets or logging into a computer to submit time worked in one of our programs, you can submit your timesheet from your smartphone or tablet. Employers can also use Time4Care to review and approve worker’s time. This page contains Frequently Asked Questions we’ve received about our Time4Care EVV solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What Is Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)?

EVV technology uses a smart phone or tablet to record your worker’s start time and location at start time, then their end time and location at end time. EVV helps ensure that members receive consistent services. Public Partnerships’s EVV solution is the Time4Care™ mobile app.

Why do we need to use EVV?

In December 2016, Congress passed the 21st Century Cures Act, a federal law. This law set new rules requiring an EVV system to capture clock-in and clock-out times for Home and Community Based Services, including self-direction programs.

What is Time4Care?

Time4Care is Public Partnerships’s mobile application that workers can use to record their time as they deliver care to members. The app will capture worker’s start time, end time, and location at the start and end of their shift. Members can also use Time4Care to review and approve worker’s time.

Is Time4Care available in my program?

Please click here for the full list of PPL programs currently using Time4Care.

How Does It Work?

Time4Care EVV uses a clock to track your start time, end time, and total time for each shift worked. The GPS (Global Positioning System) within your smart phone or tablet captures your current location at the start and end of each shift. GPS is only recording your location at the point you clock-in and clock-out. It does not record your location at any other time.

In most cases, even if cell service is not available, you can still use Time4Care to record your time and location. GPS uses satellites to capture location and does not require a connection. The captured data uploads to the system once cell service is available.

What are the benefits for Workers?

Saves Time – Using Time4Care reduces the extra time that would be needed to enter notes, services, and time on paper timesheets.

Reduces Errors – Time4Care corrects entries before they are submitted. This feature helps reduce typing errors so that timesheets are correct the first time, reducing delays in payment due to errors.

Increases Efficiency – Time4Care captures “real-time” data when entering notes and services daily. Regular data capture helps to reduce late timesheet entries which can delay payments.

What are the benefits of using Time4Care EVV for Members?

EVV provides peace of mind and helps ensure that services are delivered during the hours that members need care. EVV makes workers more accountable for their work hours and better accountability often leads to more consistent care. EVV also provides real time alerts. Receive notifications when workers submit hours for members to review.

Are there instructions on how to download and use Time4Care?

Yes, they are available for download at this link, please click here. There may also be program specific Time4Care instructions on your Programs page, click here to select your state and program.

Smart Phone, Tablet, and Internet Questions

What happens if a worker doesn’t have a smart phone?

A smart phone or tablet with GPS must be used to clock in and out with Time4Care.

1. A worker can use the member’s device with their own username and password.

2. If the member does not have a smart phone, there are free resources for smart phones for Medicaid members through a federal program. Members may be eligible for this benefit. The worker or member may apply directly at

Can the EOR use a tablet or web portal to approve the shift?

Yes the employer can use a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer with access to the web portal to review and approve the shift.

If a tablet has Wi-Fi but no cell service, can it be used for EVV time entry?

If the tablet has GPS enabled, then yes it can be used for EVV.

Can a worker use an iPhone or other smartphone to enter time?

Yes. A worker can use any GPS enabled smartphone or tablet to enter time.

How does Time4Care EVV work if I don’t have internet access or the worker’s phone doesn’t work well at the member’s home?

If internet access is patchy or unavailable, Time4Care works in “offline mode.” Workers can still clock in and out to record their time. When the internet is available (either at the member’s home or when the worker goes to another location), the app will submit the time they recorded while offline.

Is it going to cost me anything to use Time4Care EVV?

The Time4Care mobile app is free to download and if used while connected to wi-fi would not use phone data, but standard data plan rates may apply when using the app not connected to wi-fi.

How much smart phone data does Time4Care use?

If connected to wi-fi, the app does not use any plan data. If not connected to wi-fi and connected to the network, data usage will be minimal – similar to the amount of data used to view a web page. Data is used when something is submitted to the system, such as a worker submitting a clock in or clock out entry, or when you approve or reject a time entry.

What happens if my worker forgets their cell phone or it dies/runs out of battery?

If the worker is unable to clock in or out because they forgot or misplaced their phone or the battery dies, they can create a manual entry for the time worked in the past, either using the app or the BetterOnline web portal. Submitting timesheets using the mobile app or web portal should only apply on an exception basis – any entries not recorded in real-time on the app will be flagged as non-EVV entries and tracked in the system. If the worker’s phone runs out of battery during their shift, the clock will keep running until they clock out.

Is the worker’s personal data secure on your app?

Yes. We take data security very seriously. Data is always sent using 256-bit AES algorithm – the highest standard communication security.

Do you support Time4Care in multiple languages?

Not currently. Support for multiple languages may be available in a future release.

May I customize the application?

No, Time4Care is customized for the needs of the program and is the same for all members and workers.

Is there a way to review worker’s hours during a certain time frame?

Yes. You can review worker’s hours within a pay period by going to the Pay Periods menu option on the mobile app. You may also review hours worked by going to the BetterOnline web portal.

Clock-in and Clock-out, GPS, and Shift Questions

Does the EOR have to approve time each shift or at the end of the two week pay period?

The EOR can either review/approve time each shift worked or wait and review/approve all at once at the end of the pay period. The EOR can use a smartphone, tablet, or web portal to review/approve time.

If a user clocks in/out while offline, how is location captured?

The cell phone’s GPS captures the location of the worker at the time of the clock-in and clock-out. The cell phone’s GPS does not need an internet connection to work. There are only a few things that interfere with a phones GPS, such as being underground or in a concrete building.

How is the location recorded if the worker starts at the member’s home and then brings the member to another location at the end of their shift?

The location of the worker is recorded at the point of clock-in and clock-out. If the worker is at one location at the beginning and a different location at the end of the shift, the system will capture it.

What if the worker does not know what service they will do when they clock in, or what if they work part of a shift doing one activity then switch to a second activity?

Beginning a shift with the Time4Care app requires that you define the service being provided. Workers need to work with their members to understand what service will be provided before beginning the shift. If two different services will be provided during a shift, simply clock out, then clock back in selecting the second service.

Can workers turn off location services during their shift if they turn it back on to clock out?

Yes. As long as they turn on location services when they clock in and when they clock out, the system will record their shift data in compliance with EVV regulations.

What happens if the worker forgets to turn on the location services on their phone, can they still clock in/out?

No. If location services are not turned on, the worker will not be able to clock in or out. The worker will see a message asking you to turn on location. If this happens, turn on location services in your device settings.

Can I use the web portal to clock in and clock out?

No. Only the Time4Care app on a smart phone or tablet can be used to clock in and clock out. The web portal is not EVV compliant.

What if the member approves a shift, but the worker wants to make a change after it has been approved?

Only employers can make edits to shifts after they have been approved. You will need to call Customer Service for assistance.

What happens when there are overlapping caregivers?

Overlapping shifts are not allowed in the Virginia CCC Plus self-directed program. EORs will need to work with the workers to make sure shifts are started only after shifts are ended.

What happens if I have two workers working back-to back shifts and the first forgets to clock out?

Many programs do not allow two workers working at the same time. If this is not allowed in your program, the second worker can still clock in, but the first worker will need to manually correct their end time before clocking out. Shifts cannot overlap.

If the worker’s shift is 10:00AM to 4:00PM, what happens if they clock in at 9:50AM, or clock out at 4:10PM?

Use the Time4Care app to clock in when you begin working, and to clock out when you end working. The exact minutes do not need to align with the planned shift. Work with your EOR to make sure your shifts are agreed upon. Again, there is no system requirement that you clock-in or clock-out at an exact time. Time4Care will keep track of all the minutes worked for the shift and process payment according to current program rules.




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